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Name: Heather

Address:244 margaret st suite 202 plattsburgh ny 12901

Types of handmade postcards you want (painting/collage etc): any

Types of handmade postcards you make:collage,handrawn, can try to paint one if u want

Favourite colours:yellow & orange... any colors really except i am not a huge fan of pink and purple

Favourite music:mostly everything... not a big fan of heavy metal, techno or classical...

Favourite animals:kitties (:

Favourite movies: not really into movies but girl interupted,american history x, it etc

Favourite actor/actress: no one specific
letter sent out today to:

ez halley
angie young
sara west

i will work on the rest of them this weekend and get them in the mail monday providing the weather cooperates
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today recieved letters from:

ez in australia
Kelly in TN
Danielle in NV
Pamela in FL
Stacy in GA
letters sent to:

alissa,jennifer,mandy, sara & whoever else i forget now ...
This Is My New Penpal Journal...

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